Polar Manufacturing Company has been a staple in the Philadelphia community since 1912. Throughout its’ years the logo and marketing materials have changed, and the dedication to creating quality products has remained the same. Shortly after the original “Non-Shine Pad Co.” logo was retired, the primary company logo was changed to this image, featuring the signature polar bear icon, company name and city of origin.

A Polar Product - Polar Mfg. Co. Phila., PA
Polar MFG. Price List from May 1919

From May 1919, the Price List for both Polar Manufacturing Company and Non-Shine Pad Company. Many similar products are still manufactured by Polar today, and while the prices may have changed, quality remains the focus of Polar.

Polar MFG. Co. & Non-Shine Pad Co. Addresses and Logo

The cover of one of Polar’s catalogs. The Practical Office Articles catalog offered a full inventory of the products offered by Polar Manufacturing Company, and the products offered by their associated company, Non-Shine Pad Co.

Practical Office Articles - Polar MFG. Co.
Typewriter Shock Absorber Pad by Polar MFG. Co.

Throughout Polar’s long history, innovation has been at the core of everything we create. For example, Polar created a unique typewriter shock absorbing pad for use with the heavy and loud typewriters of the 1920s and 30s. The 1/2 inch thick pads cut down on the sound of typing and lessened the effort needed to type, all while reducing wear and tear on the typewriter.

Polar has been creating leather and synthetics leather accessories that stand the test of time since 1912. 

Elegant leather products for your business since 1912.