Expertly Crafted Products Since 1912

For over 100 years, Polar Manufacturing Company has been creating and crafting high quality leather accessories for your office, restaurant, hospitality venues and more.

Our tradition of making products that improve your experience is interwoven throughout our history. From designing innovative products, creating unique dining experience, and catering to world-renowned businesses and country clubs, Polar is a leader in the leather accessories industry.

Throughout the decades, Polar has been privileged to create fine accessories for amazing clients, and work with the top people in their fields. Our team, in every era, is dedicated to solving your problems with unique products. Contact us today to discover all the Polar can do for your business.

Meet The Team

Steve Chamberlin
Steve became the proud owner of Polar in December 2016. Quite a change for a chemist! Steve worked as a chemist for a major pharmaceutical company for many years. After saying goodbye to corporate America, he ventured off and bought an electrostatic painting and wood refinishing company. While giving an estimate to refinish a beautiful conference room table at a major law firm in Philadelphia, he noticed an exceptional conference room placemat. He looked at the back of the pad, and there was our brand! He took a picture of it with full intentions of inquiring about the product line. Several weeks went by when he received an alert that a 105-year-old manufacturing company was for sale in Philadelphia, Polar Manufacturing Company! What a coincidence right? When Steve and his wife came to check it out, one of the very first products they noticed was an elegant menu cover, personalized with the name of a prominent country club, which also happened to be her maiden name! Coincidence? We will let everyone decide for themselves, but one could assume that was fate. As the company continues to grow, Steve is sure he made the right choice and looks forward to seeing what the future holds for Polar Manufacturing.
Shaun Carbone
Operations Manager
With his attention to detail and upbeat personality, Shaun is the perfect person to lead our team. His daily objective is to keep everything running smoothly to ensure that we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. After 18 years as an Auto and Diesel Technician, Shaun was ready for a change. So, he went from break pads to conference room pads, from oil changes to glue changes and from fixing to creating! When he is not in the center of the production line, working side by side with his team, he is researching and developing new and efficient techniques for us to try. We admire his enthusiasm in all that he does.
Eileen Dawson Production Prep and Cutter
19 Years of Service
With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Eileen has mastered her craft of matching, cutting and skiving material. She is such an intricate part of our team and such a joy to work with. Her favorite Polar product to make is, anything leather! After all, she is the leather expert.
Pat Graham Primary Assembly
34 Years of Service
With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Pat can hand craft any one of our products, but her favorite is the Certificate Holder. If you see Pat with her headphones on, stay tuned, she is creating a masterpiece!
Nancy Anthony Shipping and Quality Control
18 Years of Service
Nancy has a trained eye to notice every fine detail of each product. Nothing but the highest quality standards makes it past Nancy! Once the product passes her thorough quality inspection, Nancy then properly packages orders to ensure they are delivered in the same condition they left our factory. Many of us wish we could bring her home to wrap presents for us during the holidays, wishful thinking!
Minerva Gonzales Craft Worker
17 Years of Service
With Minerva on our team, we never worry about missing a deadline! She is an unbelievably talented craft worker, who not only does beautiful work, but does it with speed and accuracy. She has been a great mentor to some of our newer team members and continues to perfect her craft in the process.
Anna Kearney Craft Worker
16 Years of Service
Anna is a master at crafting one of Polar’s best-selling products, our organizer boxes. Her attention to detail is her secret ingredient to wrapping our Stationery Organizers and Condiment Cases. Anna is natural at her craft and makes even the most challenging project seem like a piece of cake.
Hang Le Seamstress
16 Years of Service
With over 25 years’ experience as a seamstress, Hang continues to make beautiful quality products. Her meticulous work shows with each thread. Not only is she an advanced seamstress, but also a craftworker. Since Hang joined our team in 2003, she has learned and mastered many different techniques to making the best quality products.
Delores Steer Craft Worker
13 Years of Service
An expert in white moire and menu panels, Delores is our go to craftworker for any “book like items”. With her many years of service, she has excelled in making exceptional Menu Covers, Certificate Holders and Binders. Her technique is virtually flawless, and she has so kindly spread the knowledge and know how to her team mates. We love her work!
Dang Dinh Craft Worker
2 Years of Service
Young is truly a team player! She will jump in and help with whatever is needed, and always does this with a smile. She is happiest when she has an unlimited amount of club pads to turn! Needless to say, Young is a valuable asset to our operation, especially during spring openings for many of our high end restaurants and country clubs.
Destiny Torres Craft Worker
1 Year of Service
As one of our newer team members, Destiny has truly exceeded our expectations. With wonderful mentors and an eagerness to learn, she continues to create beautiful products. She is exceptionally good at turning our weighted club pads and our conference table pads. We are delighted to have her on our team!
Bill Chamberlin Production Support,
Jack of All Trades

1 Year of Service
What would we do without Bill! There is nothing he wouldn’t do to help us get the job done.  His honorable work ethic and meticulous nature makes him a perfect match and a key player in our daily operations. Bill is the father of our favorite employee, Luna Petunia! Who just so happens to have 4 legs. Luna has become a part of our growing family here at Polar Manufacturing.
Elegant leather products for your business since 1912.