Polar is a high quality custom manufacturer with a wide variety of options to select from and are able to offer some of our most popular products for immediate purchase on-line in a limited number of colors. We will continue to expand the list of these products along with the color options.

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  • Flex-Pads® / Endura Pads®

  • Coaster Set and Coaster Dispenser

  • Coasters

  • Stationery Organizer

  • Condiment Case

  • Waste Basket

  • Ice Bucket

  • Notepad Holder/Portfolio

  • Presentation Folder

  • Ring Binders

  • Restaurant Menu Covers

  • Check Presenter

  • Wine List & Cocktail Menus

  • Terrace Pad™

  • Weighted Club Pad & Placemats

  • Certificate Holder

  • Music Folder

  • Desk Set

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